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    False Positive


      I sure hope I am in the right thread for this. If not let me know, but nicely. I hate when people are trolls on simple tasks.


      I recently downloaded a program and tried to install it.


      - When installing said program I received the following error:


      "An error occurred while trying to read the source file: Access is denied.


      Click Retry...Blah blah blah."


      - I click retry, it finishes. Then upon trying to start the program I get this error:

      "Unable to execute file:




      CreateProcess failed; code 2.


      The system cannot find the file specified."


      I have read their forum and they have come up with that virus protectors are seeing this program as a virus. I have used the restore feature, but to no avail. The program will still not work as the file is not there, even after a "supposed" restore. McAfee did not even notify me that it had removed anything. I am hoping that someone can help me with this.


      Thank you!