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    How to open Vault recovered from damaged disk

      I used to have McAfee Total Protection on my laptop. When it expired, I did not renew it as I was on my travels through various countries and I did not take the time to renew my subscription. However, I still had the McAfee Vaults (3 vaults) on my system in which i stored my very important documents and priceless photos of my extended family. sadly, my computer crashed. To make matters worse, I did not have a back of my data and had to send my hard drive to various companies to try and recover my data. I was able to retrieve the "vaults" but no other data. However, "the vaults" were in a file which couls not be opened. I then downlaoded McAfee's Personal Vault (Beta Trial version) to see if I could open it by using my passwords should it ask for one. But an error message keeps poping up when I attempt to open the vault.

      Error: 0xe2040000

      Description: The file is not a McAfee Personal Vault.

      Do I now un-install this Personal Vault, and if so, what then? I am desperate to open these vaults. CAN ANYONE HELP....PLEASE.



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