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    ePO 4.5 hangs / freezes

      Hello everyone,


      A newbie here ...  I recently upgraded ePO4.0 patch 6 to ePO4.5 patch 2 and I am experiencing nothing but hangs/freezing from the console.  I experience this on the ePO server as well as on a client pc.  I can't even scroll through my clients in the System Tree without it freezing.


      Any suggestions?



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          A couple quick ideas:


          Do the ePO and SQL servers (could be the same server, don't know your setup) meet the minimum requirements?

          Use Windows' Task Manager and/or Sysinternals' Process Explorer to see how busy the server's processor(s) are, how much memory is in use, and what is using them.  The major ePO-related processes are Tomcat5.exe, Apache.exe, and Sqlservr.exe.  (However, I just tested on my system and IE uses much more processor time than any of the ePO processes do when scrolling through the threat log.)

          Make sure VirusScan is not scanning the SQL server database files.



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            ePO 4.5 Patch 2 has only been briefly made available via managed (phased) release through an open and escalated support call.

            Please contact whoever sent this patch to you in McAfee, as they will need to know.


            A requirement of participation in the managed release phase is feedback to McAfee so any concerns can be reviewed.

            Please see KB51560 for more information regarding McAfee release processes.


            Kind Regards,



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              My database and epo 4.5 are on the same server.  My mistake, it's actually ePO 4.5 patch 1 not 2.  I will to see if I can prevent McAfee from scanning the database file.

              If you know how to do this quicker, please let me know.



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                Exclude SQL database and log file types, usually .mdf and .ldf.


                Also, check out this thread, not sure if it might be related, as it seems they have a much different configuration than you: