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    NSP with link aggregation


      I have to connect a NSP sensor between two Cisco switches connected with 2 redundant links. Links were configured in a link aggregation pipe using PAGP+ protocol. Does anyone have the experience on connecting the sensor in a link aggregation pipe with PAGP+ protocol?. I am concerned about PAGP+ because is Cisco's propietary protocol and I am afraid the sensor could see it as an anomaly protocol.


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          PAGP+ (aka etherchannel) is supported through the sensor.  You should keep in mind that you will want to group the sensor ports the links are going through, so the sensor can track TCP flows across the multiple monitoring ports.   You can use the "Manager Interface Groups" section of the NSP to do this.


          We have customers running etherchannel throught he sensor, and I have not seen any issues to date.  I still would setup a test environmnet first if possible!

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            Hi Steve, thanks so much for your response. Because I had no answer until yesterday, I have had to test it right on the field in a production environment one week ago, risky but an exciting way to test it

            According what you said NSP worked fine with PAGP+ etherchannel configured in desirable mode. NSP configuration feature I applied was Interface Group and I have used it before with 802.3ad standard Link Aggregation protocol.