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    Force Sync


      Is there a way of forcing a synce from the client side without involving the user. i.e. using psexec and runing a file which forces a Sync ???





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          the scripting API provides the forcesync function which can do this - take a look at the scripting tool docs you got with EEM.

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            You should be able to use:


            psexec \\computername "%programfiles%\mcafee\endpoint encryption for pc\sbadmcl.exe" -command:forcesync


            ... assuming that you have sbadmcl.exe in that folder and that appropriate DLLs are already registered.  You could also write a batch file that executed ForceSync and then uesd IsSyncInProgress to determine when it completed, if you cared.  Hmm, and also include writing out the sync log to the console?  I could go on and on....



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              Where can I find instructions for adding sbadmcl to the client installer?




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                eem / eepc admin guides.


                just create a file group, add the files(s), then tick it against your machines and it will get deployed. You need sbadmcl.dll in every case, and either sbadmcl.exe or sbadmcom.dll depending on whether you want to use batch files or scripts/applications. If you deploy the com object, set its file type to "self registering" and you won't have to worry about regsvr32 etc.