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    epo3.6 remote console issue

      I have ended with unique requirement to access epo remote console.


      we have a remote server installed with epo console but I do not have admin privilage on that machine and there are no chance of getting admin privilage. So i would like to know if there are any workarounds to get the console accessed with admin rights on local machine.


      I am the global administrator in epo server. When i try to loging to remote console i get this error "usrmgr NetLocalGroupAddMembers [ePO User Group] <Domain>\<ID> error 5.


      I know that the error says access denied to create local group "ePO user Group" but i have manually creating this group and added required accounts (DB ID and full permission to epo\3.6.1 folder) still getting the same error.




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          This is not going to be possible, I'm afraid - the 3.6 console needs to be able to impersonate that account and if there is a restriction, or no trust relationship, then it will fail.

          This is one of the reasons why ePO 4 and onwards use a web interface - it removes this requirement.


          Finally, I'm honour-bound to point out that ePO is now end-of-life - even if you do get it working you'll be unable to get further support for it. I would strongly recommend addressing both issues and upgrading to ePO 4 or 4.5.


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