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    Family protection "time limits" does not work


      I've installed Family Protection software and configured all the settings to enable a controlled Internet navigation for my kids. The problem is that the "time limits" function does not work appropriately. When they are playing games on Internet and the time is over, Family Protection icon becomes red, but it is not blocking the interactive game that they are using. So they simply click cancel and continue to play on the same web site. Only if the reload the site, Family Protection is finally blocking them. What can I do?

      Thanks a lot Christian

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          Hello Christian,

          > Click Schedule Internet Usage Times.
          > From the drop down menu, select the correct time zone.
          > Click the blocks of time you want to prevent the internet accessed. When the blocks turn red, internet access will be disabled for that time.
          > Click Save Settings.
          > Click Time Limits.
          > Select Limit Time Spent Online.
          > From drop-down menu at the top of the screen, select the account you want to limit the time spent online for.
          > Select Limit to, and use the drop-down menus to select the total amount of time per day you want that account to have internet access.
          > Click Save Settings and then check whether they by pass the specified time limit.




          Dinesh K

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            Hello Dinesh


            Thank you for your suggestions, but I had already configured and saved all the usage times. Actually Family Protection reacts at the right time according to the configured settings, turning also its icon from green to red, but the problem is that it does not interrupt the Internet connection my kids are using. They use an online game and they can continue playing, also if the time has passed by. They simply click Cancel on the Family Protection notification window and continue playing moving inside the game. Only if they reload the site, Family Protection blocks the connection. Have you any idea?


            Thanks Christian

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              Hi Christian,

              I would suggest you to contact mcafee technical support from here so that our technicians could remotely diagnose the problem and check with the saved settings in family protection and assist you.


              Dinesh K

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                Thanks for your support. Bye Christian

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                  The problem here is that most likely the kids are playing games on flash based sites.  Once those games load in memory, the browser is no longer technically sending web traffic - the game is already loaded on your computer's memory and the kids can continue to play that game.  They should not be able to navigate to any new games, however.