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    Command line scanner

      We're currently using an old version of the Command Line Scanner for Unix, and trying to purchase version 6 to use with V2 DAT files. But I've been told by our reseller that the Command Line Scanner has been discontinued and can't be purchased.


      This seems strange, because it's still available on the McAfee site and v6.0 is listed as "Current" on the EOL page. It ties in with the rumours in this thread though: http://community.mcafee.com/message/118166#118166


      Does anyone else have any experience with this either way? Some official confirmation from McAfee would be good!    

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          Command Line Scanner is inddded End of life now and the End of Support by McAfee for this product is Jan 2011.


          You can not buy it now but it is included as part of the many enterprise suites that McAfee has. So if you have an active subscription for a McAfee suite like Active Virus Scan or Active Virus Defense, Then you can download the Virus Scan Command Line Scanner.



          Please revert for any more information/clarification.



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            Thanks Sameer.


            It's a shame that McAfee didn't give us more notice or update their EOL page.


            We'll have to look at products from other vendors.

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              The End of Life for all the products is always updated and that information can be accessed from the McAfee website.


              Like I earlier stated, The product is till going to be supported until Jan 2011. So if you have any of the McAfee Enterprise suites, Please go ahead and download so that you can use the product.


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              Thank you



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                Unfortunately we don't have any suites. We were using a previous version and wanted to upgrade to deal with V2 DATs.


                The EOL page at http://www.mcafee.com/us/enterprise/support/customer_service/end_life.html seems to say that the command line scanners are still current. Am I misreading the page, or is there somewhere else that I can check EOL/EOS dates?

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                  You are reading it correct and you are indeed on the right page.


                  The info taht you got from that page is right. Like I pointed out in my earlier post, The Command Line Scanner is current and it will be supported untill Jan 2011. Having said that, Let me also tell you that it is a Legacy product now. Which means, McAfee does not sell it any more. But it will continue to support it untill the specified EOL date.


                  I hope the above helps.



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                    Today, I had a word with one of the persons closely associated with the comman Line Scanner and I was told that it is indeed an active product and we have no plans to you  retire it.


                    As far as buying the same is concerned, let me get back to you with any info which may help.




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                      Thanks Sameer.


                      If it's possible to purchase it then that would be great. Different people at McAfee seem to give different answers on this!


                      If not, then is there an official reference for the End of Sale and End of Support dates that I can refer my manager to?



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                        First, if you kept your support current as per McAfee's Product Maintenace Policy, that is you have a current current, active grant #, then you can download v6 already: https://secure.nai.com/apps/downloads/my_products/login.asp


                        If your support expired recently you should contact your reseller about renewing it until Jan 2011 and then access the download.


                        I think the confusion over End of Life/Supoprt is this:  McAfee offered Command Line Scanner as a standalone product as well as part of its suites.  Moving forward the standalone product is going end of sale and will only be supported until Jan 2011  After that time Command Line Scanner will only be available and supported as part of one of thier suites - Endpoint Protection Suite for one. This is my best understanding of what is going on and why I think there is consfusion.

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                          Please refer to the section Command Line Scanners in http://community.mcafee.com/thread/24435 for the latest End of Life information. This section shows version 6.0.1 as the only current version. To subscribe to the latest information, please visit http://my.mcafee.com/content/SNS_Subscription_Center.





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