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    intruders - please help ...



      I have McAfee total protection - i've just gone from the old version to the new version ..


      Now, I need someone to speak to me in lay man terms here - I've done a lot of reading and have NO flippin' idea what everyone is talking about .. lol .. sorry ..


      OK so here's what's been happening - remember in lay man's terms please


      1.  I've been getting notification of "intruders"

      2.  when i go into manage my network - there is my computer (named), mum's computer (named but says untrusted? with !) and a heap of other ones with just IP numbers

      3.  I have put the IP numbers into the address bar and it says sorry, can't find

      4.  We have a netgear wireless modem - with 3 laptops (all wireless) and 1 apple mac (via ethernet cable)

      5.  Last night we hit 20GB with optus ! .. something we've never done - so i went looking and our downloads for March are 17,980MB - i checked againist the past 6 months and the most we've used is 10,500MB


      So intruders - are they people outside in the community who are able to log into our modem ?

      I rang netgear this morning and have changed the passphrase etc and also something else wpk ? can't remember and can't turn the modem on cause we've already gone over by $ 40 in excess data !


      I am going to name all the laptops so i can 'trust' them on the network - is that right ? that i need to trust them ? .. with the intruders do i block them ? untrust them ? .. i'm out of my league here and have no idea .. as i said i can't turn the modem on - cause the a-holes who are using our net will keep going - it's been off since last night ..


      anyway any help, advice or suggestions that you have would be great - cause as i said i have no flippin' idea !


      many thanks in advance ..