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    MY slow virus scan

      it seems to hang up at 17% at

      c:\systen volume information\tracking.log

      scan takes hours and never gets past this point

      what can i do?

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          Hi rickinil,

          The excessive time taken to complete virus scan might be co-related with so many factors including hardisk errors or system files  etc . . Could you please provide the following information so that we could make it simpler for your.

          What is the computer’s operating system ?
          Do you have any other security software installed ?
          How old is the computer ?
          Open security center and let me know the version of virus scan and DAT


          Dinesh K

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            ok im back


            on a 2gig emachine @ 2/3 yrs old

            only other ware is defender/window  turn off in hopes of resoving this

            scan version is 13.15.116


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              This has been a problem for months.  After much searching, I have been unable to find directions to correct the problem.  McAfee does not appear to be interested in correcting the problem.   If there is a correction to the SLOW SCAN PROBLEM, please post it here immediately.

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                Hi rickinil and TX ROGER,


                *Could you please let me know if the scan specifically stops at any location ?
                * Double-click the M icon in your taskbar.
                * From McAfee SecurityCenter, expand Virus and Spyware Protection.
                * Click Scan Your PC.
                * On the Scan Your PC page, click Run a custom scan.
                * Under Settings, deselect Scan using minimal resources and then try to initiate a scan


                The speed of the scan should increase when the above option is de-selected


                Dinesh K

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                  I did not say it "stopped".  It is SLOW.  If it were a specific file I could fix it myself.

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                    idid what you said above

                    but i also disabled screen saver- still

                    somewhat slow but it at least finshed the scan

                    and took about an hour maybe thats the apprpiate amount if time

                    idont know

                    i can live with that

                    now how can i program the ssaver to disable at time of scan?

                    thanks for  the input guys!



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