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    Generic. dx!pel trojan help please

      Hi this is only my second issue in years so I am not very smart on what to do. I have this trojan in Quarenteen....will McAfee remove it ?  I have  Vista,,,AOLs McAfee which is 13  ....I also run Ad Aware and Windows Defender......not all at the same time


      Also it said in the quarenteen area it was from a exe program............but nobody but me uses this puter and all passwords are in my head.......I never dled an exe file ..in fact I rarely to never dl anything. I was on a site where some people have said they got that soft virus...I haven't had it far  as I know..I do not see these pop ups and have not been misdirected to another virus scan area


      Any help would be appreciaed..thank you

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          A generic detection does not necessarily mean the file is malicious, it could be a false/positive, you`ll need to send the file to the lab for clarification




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            Thank you Paul;   I went and read how to send the zip and would gladly do it by email as the said one can do...but I am still lost on how to send something in Quartentine ..I right click on it..the stuff in my McAfee Quarenteen that states its a trojan but I can't copy it....or anything....another words I don 't know how/what to send and from where..maybe I don't understand the instructions....I am dense about all this stuff. If you or someone can simplify how to send the zip of a file/trojan that is in McAfee's Quarentine area I would really appreciated it....I am just lost and feeling dumb for not understanding the info.

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              I believe you would need an e-mail client such as Outlook or Thunderbird in order to manually send it from quarantine. You should be able to click on the file on question, then right-click and choose send.

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                Hi again and thank you..I am not ignoring you are all...I have windows explorer and am on dial up...huge progams like downloads for new browsers  can't be done as I am crawling at a snails pace due to the dial up here in the country..I am  seldom able to move over 20 some not the 56 my modem should allow or would if I had a decent phone line...Can I do something else to see if this is for real the trojan that is? I got it on 3/20/10 thanks again and sorry for the delayed reply I would mark this answered as you did answer it well for most people but I am kind of in a spot with the dial up and being a virus dummy



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                  If you do not have an e-mail client such as Outlook or Thunderbird, then you`ll need to restore the file from quarantine. This can be a problem if you do not know where the file was originally quarantined from, best left in quarantine if you do not know what the original location of the file was.



                  If you do know the original location of the file, then once it has been restored you can use a programme such as Winrar to send to the lab.

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                    Hey Paul first I want to thank you again for being so patient with me....nope no outlook or the other one....I do THINK I know where the thing is as in the quarenteen area on THAT date it had a long like file name and at the end it sez config....I am really afraid to mess with much cause I really am not very smart at virus and trojan issues...So I may leave it in quarenteen as long as that means it can't mess my puter up?


                    Also  all my scans since then come up clean ...ditto on Adaware/Malaware....also Windows Defender...But when I go back to see all the scans done and click on that date it still shows that trojan.....does this mean it is really there or is gone now that newer scans don't show it??


                    Also at some time will they just removed it automatically like when they catch up with all the new bugs???


                    Nope right click won't do anyhing when I highlight and click on the info in quarenteen...maybe I am not clicking the right thing but I click on the name of the trojan


                    Again thanks...

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                      If you are unsure of the file`s original location it would be best if left alone, the file is harmless and it will cause no harm whilst in quarantine- i have over 100 files in quarantine. You may delete the file(s) at a later date if you so wish.



                      If all the scans are coming up clean then it would be safe to assume that there are no longer any threats on your system, i would recommend running online scans every month or so with another vendor, this will give you a second opinion. The two i would recommend are in the links below.



                      http://www.kaspersky.com/kos/eng/partner/default/kavwebscan.html <---New version coming soon





                      If you are unfamiliar with the quarantine settings, open the Mcafee programme and click on the help button, this is where the user guide is located, all the information required is in there.





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                        Paul thanks so much and I didn't know I had a help area...mega thanks....I have placed the first link into my favorite places so when I can connect with wifi  I can dl it.....also I have to study up on how to shut off my current virus protection as well as my firewalls and so on...cause it said I should do that....YOU rock   Thank you so much I am going to do exactly as stated in your  last 2 posts......I may also learn how to log things lol..YOU have been super helpful and I can't thank you enough


                        Take care and again thanks

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                          Just to remind you if you are disabling your firewall and antivirus protection, make sure you disconnect from the internet before doing so, otherwise you can leave wide open to infection.



                          Enable the firewall/antivirus and reconnect to the internet when you are about to send the file to the lab.



                          Take care and surf safely.

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