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    What should I do, I got BankerFox.A

      Tried to go to the recommended sites for downloads but it wont let me surf the net. Even in safe mode IE says it cant find the pages.  I am not very computer savy so please spell it out for me.

      I tried safe mode and put mawarebytes.org and sirigeekstogo.com but IE doesn't do anything even in safe mode. Should i tturn off my firewall? Thanks for any help you can offer.


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          Do you know the location of the infected file(s), if so, please send them to the lab.



          DO NOT turn OFF your firewall, can you run a scan with Mcafee in safe mode, if it is detecting these files in normal mode it might be able to remove them in safe mode. If you know the location of the infected files(s), you can try to delete them in safe mode



          Where you running Malwarebytes from safe mode only, or from safe mode with networking. I take it the tool you downloaded from  sirigeekstogo is Smtifraudfix?

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            No I do not know where the files are. I ran a scan in safe mode and all it found was a tracking cookie. My big problem is that I cannot get IE to work in regular or safe mode.  If I could, then I could download the fix software. i am in safe mode with networking. IE says cannot display the webpage. Thanks for your help.



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              Do you have a UBS stick/Flasdrive or any other removable media device you can use instead. If so, using the media device download Malwarebytes(would be better if you renamed MBAM.exe to say abc.exe)to the USB stick then transfer to the infected pc. Install/update and run a scan in normal mode or you could do it in safe mode with networking, if doing the scan in safe mode with networking and it is successful, i would also after rebooting back into normal mode run another scan with Malwarebytes as Malwarebytes is best run in normal mode.