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    Why won't Google Chrome work?

      I updated McAffe and it suddenly reported Google Chrome as a threat. Since then, Chrome is not working. I've tried following all the steps Google Chrome proposes to fix the problem. Nothing works. Any suggestions?

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          Peter M

          Unless you somehow downloaded a threat it shouldn't be doing that.  Incorrect detections should be immediately reported and some procedures are outlined here:  http://community.mcafee.com/thread/2016


          Moved this to the malware section just in case.

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            Last night I downloaded Google Chrome Canary - the lead-up to Chrome's release of Chrome's touch-technology.  I too was bombarded with a large litter of PUPs!  In fact, I had to fight them off by allowing my installation of McAfee to take them down one PUP at a time.  In this first screen snapshot you can see that I have a patch of icons that I use most of the time:




            You can see that I also have several Apple apps that run on the Vista Home Premium OS.  And here are a few of the PUPs that I had to put down individually:






            I joined Google early-on when one of PC World's contributing Editors sent me my first GMail Account.  Later, I used three GMail Accounts to create a utility that I named INCOGNITO and sent the idea to Google Suggestions.  I still have the accounts and since that early submission I have followed up with other suggestions.  I consider myself as "everything Google".  I turned 82 in June and I have 54+ years with computers.  Task me.  I have thousands of white papers on-file.

            Walter Ivey

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              Peter M

              This is all well and good and would be acceptable on an independent anti-malware forum, but this forum is for McAfee software technical issues and is manned by appointed volunteers and McAfee staff.   If you wish to offer advice then I suggest doing it on an independent forum.


              By the way, it would appear that those adware popups are because you are downloading questionable material, or genuine material from questionable sources (?) and not really anything to do with Chrome or any particular browser.  Chrome.exe in itself would never be detected as malware by McAfee or any other antivirus if genuine.


              Solicitation or offering of services is not permitted under forum rules.  I suggest you read them HERE.


              Any further violations and your account here will be closed.


              Also reopening ancient threads is hardly helpful to anyone so please cease and desist.









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