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    McAfee Stops With Subscription

      Maybe it’s just me but I am very disappointed in learning that McAfee has gone the way of Norton in shutting down protection when the update subscription expires.


      About three years ago I was using McAfee and though it worked as expected I felt that it was slowing my computer more than it should have. When my subscription ended I continued to use it for a few weeks without a problem other than the pop-ups that kept warning me that my computer was at increased risk. That was fine as I knew the definition files were not updated.


      I decided to try Norton to see if it had less effect on my computer speed. To be honest, Norton worked about the same as McAfee. However, when my Norton subscription ended so did Norton. I could not believe that Norton would actually stop protecting my computer just because I did not immediately pay for another year of updates. At that moment I decided that McAfee was the protection I would stay with. I purchased it and have been using it for the past year.


      Last week my subscription ran out. I knew this was going to happen as I received all of the usual warnings ahead of time. Unfortunately, I have been out of work for just over a year now and decided to hold off a little while before paying for a new subscription. I realized that I would be running on an old definitions file but let’s face it, though the risk increases with each day, how much additional risk is there… really! I figured I could go at least a few week without any appreciable jeopardy to my system.


      To my surprise, as soon as my subscription ended McAfee stopped as well. As near as I can tell, nothing is running. I had it set to scan my entire computer each Friday and it did not run this week. I tried to run it manually and it told me to upgrade. Even the site advisor has stopped. Come on, If a site was bad last week it probably still bad this week. At least give me that. I feel this is absolutely irresponsible on the part of McAfee. I understand the need to keep my subscription active and without updates I will not be protected from the newest viruses but the last update has it all as of one week ago. It is not only better than nothing it is protection against thousands of already known viruses. Not only that, but it was already paid for.


      It’s not that I don’t want to upgrade my subscription or don’t understand the need, I do. I am just in need of a grace period and McAfee has slapped me in the face. McAfee (and Norton) has basically said if you don’t pay us $50 for the next year we will not protect your computer with the software you have already purchased.  Since I have already paid for it I should be allowed to use it, albeit outdated, as long as I see fit. It’s my calculated risk not McAfee’s. I think this practice of cancelling the software’s ability to run because the subscription to update the virus definition file has ended is both dishonest and negligent.


      While I don’t expect McAfee to do anything I wanted to voice my concern. Maybe if enough people have the same view as me McAfee will rise above their competition and allow those who have purchased the software to continue using it even though the subscription to renew has run out.

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          I understand what you are saying but unfortunately it is like having insurance on your home or car, pay the premium(s) or coverage is cancelled.

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            Thanks for your response. With insurance you don't actually get anything but a promise to pay if something goes wrong. I have actual software on my computer that I purchased. McAfee has disabled it based on a future subscription.

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              That`s odd. I just looked at my account & noticed that i was renewed on a subscription i am no longer useing.Not only am i not useing it. It appears that Mcafee has renewed a subscription with my money.Last year i purchased a year of virus scan.My xp ended up in the junk yard with various problems.This is not the point,as it was a fairly old computer & i can`t say mcafee was at fault for my computers virus.Anyhow,when i bought my new computer it came with Mcafee which i accepted.At that point i had 2 subscriptions,because my xp subscription was still valid.The best part is i just noticed my old subscription was renewed in march!I am not going to jump to conclusions just yet,but someone had better refund my money for a subscription i have not used in over a year if this is the case.Does anyone out there have a phone # for mcafee?I am not to thrilled about this and need to iron this out.


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                Newjack et alia, It's unfortunate and I don't like it any more than you do but, like many vendors, McAfee auto-renews subscriptions.  If you read the small print at time of purchase, which we all usually gloss over, it tells you that.


                We can't do anything here on this board, you'll have to phone Customer Service (not Technical Support) or use the Chat line via the Useful Links at the top of the page.


                They'll refund any over payments.


                Phone is quickest, followed by the Chat line.   Email if available isn't recommended as it is very slow.


                McAfee wont be any use in any case once it is out of date following a subscription lapse.



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