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    Artemis trojan in Nesox Emailer program

      I have used the Nesox Emailer program for some time now for sending emails to colleagues in several organisations. The program downloads from nesox.com OK and installs OK, but when the routine McAfee disc scan takes place, both downloaded ZIP file and program EXE file get quarantined with the message "Detection name: Artemis!6A349FE3EEF8 (Trojan)"

      Very irritating, but it is quite straightforward to get the files out of jail.

      I have zipped the EXE file and sent it password-protected to Avert Labs who replied VERY promptly that there was no problem so the file was being forwarded to McAfee.

      The quarantining has just happened AGAIN and I would prefer not to have to do it - as I always forget how! No doubt a few more times will help me remember!

      System - Windows 7 / Security Center 9.15 Build 9.15.175 / Virus Scan version 13.15 build 13.15.116.


      Hope it gets sorted, what is the meaning of the word Artemis?