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    Acwe Aspire EasyStore Server  - Total Protection still indicates Expired

      My WHS had crashed and I replaced the system drive.  After re-installing the server with the recovery CD, AND after purchasing a new subscription to McAfee Total Protection Service, the McAfee Add-inn asked for my Account Enrollment Key.  I entered the key, and the Add-In indicated from the WHS Console that it was updating.  As soon as it was finished, it came back with "Subscription Expired"


      I called Business Tech support at (800) 937-2237 who sent me to a Tech who told me to go to the Add-Ins section under settings.  McAfee TPS DOES NOT appear under either the Installed Add-ins or the Available Add-Ins.  The tech then told me the server was miss-configured and gave me the brush-off.  He told me I would recieve an email about it within 24-48 hours.


      After confirming with Acer and other EasyStore WHS users, McAfee TPS DOES NOT appear as an add-in.


      I need to know:


      1)  How to uninstall the McAfee TPS package and Add-In on WHS

      2)  How to reinstall the McAfee TPS package and Add-In on WHS

      3)  How to get it to PROPERLY recognize the Account Enrollment Key

      4)  How to VERIFY it is properly linked to my account

      5)  How to verify it is updating properly.


      This has been BY FAR the WORST tech support experience I have ever had.  If I had not just spent $30 to get the new subscription, I would HACK the code from the WHS and its Registry and install software from one of the other vendors.


      My account is under mike.allgood@comcast.net


      if ANYONE can get this working I would be greatful - otherwise I will request a refund and I will go with another vendor.


      Mike Allgood

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          Looks like this has happened due to the corruption of the .msi files in your Acer Server.


          Please call up the Technicall Support ( Yes, Yet again please. I know you are not too happy but trust me. You have PAID for the software and it is your right to extract the services that you are entitled for).


          Ask for the following .msi files and after you place them under teh Shared / Add ins folder, You will be able to see the McAfee Add in the Console.





          build #

          I hope the above helps.