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    What's your name, little machine?


      I ran into an interesting situation this morning.  I ran a couple of reports last night, a LastSynchDate, and a Client Version.  This morning I was comparing the two and stumbled on an interesting situation.  I have a machine that reports as having 5.2.1 in the Version report, and has a LastSynchDate of 12/3/2009.  Not a big deal,  but we didn't roll out 5.2.1 until after the New Year.  So I went and connected remotely to the client machine, and took a look at the SBClientLog.txt, and it's happy as can be,  had synched this morning without any issues.  So, I figured okay maybe this is one of the machines that added the 0001 to the end in the database.  Went to the admin console,  searched for the machinename with the wildcard, and the only thing that popped up was the machinename from the report, whose audit log showed a last synch of 12/3/2009.


      So basically, I have a client that is reporting up to the database, but I have no idea which machine object it is related to.  My question is,  Is there a way to determine the machine ID that a client is associated with from the client remotely?  I know that if I call the user and have them do a machine recovery,  I can get the machine ID.  But I want a way to do it without bothering the user. Is there a registry entry or api that I can run that gives me the local client's machine ID?

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