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    SiteAdvisor 3.0 Issues




      I have several issues that have cropped up with siteadvisor 3.0


      When I try to install using EPO 4.5, I get an error that it cannot install.  After checking the logs I get an Invalid F drive error.  However, when I install it locally it works fine.  Any ideas of why this deployment will not work through EPO?


      Also, I have noticed that the flags do not show up on some search engines now.  for instance, when I surf to Google.ca and do a search, no flags will appear but they appear on Yahoo.com.  Is this something to do with SiteAdvisor or are search engines blocking SiteAdvisor from working?  this seems to happen with either XP SP3 or Windows 7 while using IE8.  SiteAdvisor does block me if I hit a bad site, but without the flags you still have no clue if it is bad or not.


      Any info would be great





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          Hi Ken,

          Is this SiteAdvisor 3.0 or SiteAdvisor Enterprise Plus 3.0? Only SiteAdvisor Enterprise Plus 3.0 is supported with ePO. The ePO supported versions are and I have not seen ePO try to deploy the SAE+ 3.0 version to a F drive before. When deployed via ePO, SAE+ installs to the same drive location as the McAfee Agent. When SAE+ is installed locally, it installs to:

          C:\Program Files\McAfee\SiteAdvisor Enterprise


          If you can reach the McAfee knowledge base, see KB68222. Google changed the format used for displaying search results. SiteAdvisor has updated the script files so that search ratings appear in IE8 with google searches. Check the time stamp on the file listed below:

          C:\Program Files\McAfee\SiteAdvisor Enterprise\scripts\safe_ie.js


          The time stamp needs to be 2-19-10 or later to have the updated scripts. It takes 24 hours after install before the updated files are downloaded from sadownload.mcafee.com.


          If you installed more than 24 hours ago, turn on SAE debug logging- see KB675606.

          [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\McAfee\SiteAdvisor Enterprise Plus]
          create a DWORD named LogLevel. Set loglevel to 4


          After at least 24 hours then check this file:

          C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\SiteAdvisor\saUpKeep.dll\log.txt


          Most likely reason is a firewall is blocking the traffic to sadownload.mcafee.com.



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            Hi Mike,


            It is the enterprise edition(539) and I installed all the latest packages and extensions as per our download site.  I will check the file versions and see which ones I have for the google problem.

            Perhaps it is because we are using roaming profiles but have had no other issues with version 2 or any other mcAfee products.  Only this one.





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              ok, I have had it installed now for 3 days and the files have not been updated.  Does mcafee intend on sending out patches for the issue or do I have to request the patch?


              On another note, it doesn't seem to be a google issue as the flags work fine on Firefox when going to Google.  Seems to be an IE8 issue.


              I downloaded the package from McAfee (siteadvisor Enterprise for EPO 3.0 - 539) and I cannot deliver it to the desktop via EPO.  I am doing it with a batch file that works fine.  EPO keeps coming back with an error-1 and the event logs say "Invalid drive f"


              Hopefully McAfee has a new version or a patch out soon.  I saw in some documentation that they are referring to patch 1 but can't seem to locate that patch anywhere.


              Ken Mason

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                Hi Ken,

                SAE is patch 1. When SAE posts patches, the SAE installer available on the McAfee download server also gets updated to include the patch.


                Did you see anything in the log files?


                Can you download this file? This is the file that SAE downloads to get the changes for the search engine pages.


                This package has the scripts that will allow SAE to show search result ratings with google in IE8 as of 2-19-10. Google's change affects IE8 only. IE 6 and 7 do not have the issue. Niether does Firefox.


                If you can manually download the file, I suggest you open up a service request to find out why SiteAdvisor is unable to download the file.



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                  Hi Mike,


                  I was able to download that .pak file.  Is there a way to install manually?  I don't understand why McAfee has not integrated the new scripts into their .exe


                  I checked for log files and there were none.  Our machines are not connected to the internet all the time so is it possible that when the software tries to connect that it cannot access the internet?


                  I have loaded the software onto a standalone machine that is connected most of the time to see if it will update or note.  I feel this might be an issue arising from the fact that EPO did not install the software but was installed manually.  Is that possible?



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                    Hi Ken,

                    Are you behind a proxy server?


                    Can you send me your sae.dat file? Located here by default on XP

                    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\SiteAdvisor\sae.dat




                    I am working on a superdat that contains the updated scripts. I should have this availabe by the end of this week.



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                      Yes, we are behind a proxy server using pac files.  I have noticed that some people are having SiteAdvisor being installed with no issue by EPO but the majority fail.  I beleive it might have something to do with our roaming profiles.


                      I installed the SiteAdvisor on a standalone machine and it did update after 3 days and got the new script files.  We then took those script files and, using a batch file on login, copied them to the network machines.  Now SiteAdvisor is working on Google and other sites.


                      So at this time, the only solution we have is to install SiteAdvisor using a batch file on login, as well as copying over the new script files.  Epo distribution does not work at this time.  I also noticed that uninstalling through EPO does not work because IE is always on and you cannot uninstall SiteAdvisor with IE open.


                      Is McAfee going to include the new script files when it releases it new version?  I read somewhere on the McAfee site that they are working on allowing .pac files with SiteAdvisor, which is what we use.  Am hoping this new version comes out in the next few months during our pilot period so that we can work on getting EPO to do the installing.


                      Ken Mason



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                        There is an issue with downloading SiteAdvisor pak files from behind a proxy server that has been found. This is targeted to be fixed in SAE 3.0 patch 3 which is currently looking like a Q3 release.


                        I now have a superdat that will update the script files. These are the 4 files that need to be updated in the scripts folder:





                        Let me know if you want the superdat or if you are going to continue using the batch file at logon.


                        It looks like SAE is able to get ratings through your proxy using the pac file your browser is using. If this was not working, you would not have any ratings in the SiteAdvisor browser balloon.


                        I am not sure why SAE is not installing through an ePO deployment task. There should be an install log created in C:\windows\temp\mcafeelogs that would determine this. If there is not an install log, look at the McAfee Agent log files to see if the deployment task is being run. Check C:\documents and settings\all users\application data\mcafee\common framework\db\agent_[machinename].log.

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                          Sure, I would like the Superdat.  I can deploy that through EPO to the stations that already have SiteAdvisor or add it to the batch file.


                          We configure SAE proxy settings manually since it does not work with a pac file, so we do get ratings and it does work.  the problem with this approach is that with multiple proxy servers, certain machines do not get the correct proxy settings unless we use multiple policies which can be very adminstrativly challenging.


                          We have done an error checking and the only error we get is "Invalid F drive", so for some reason it is trying to store information in the profile which we use roaming profiles stored on the F drive.  However, it does work running it locally through a batch file so still some confusion there.


                          In any case, we have worked out the run around for it and that just means bypassing EPO all together other than to download the policies we need.


                          Let me know where we can get the Superdat and I will test it to see if it will work.




                          Ken Mason

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