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    How to import VirusScan patch


      a couple of easy question for you experts


      We are running 2 ePO environments on physically separateed networks:


      Environment 1. EPO4p6  with latest version of agent 4 and virusscan 8.

      Environment 2. EPO4p6 with latest version of agent 4 and virusscan 8.7.


      I have noticed that there is a patch for VSCAN 8.7 which we would like to deploy.


      Question 1: How do I import the VSCAN 8.7 patch into ePO so that it can be deployed to devices that are running 8.7 in environment 2?

      Question 2: In environment 1 we are running VSCAN 8, do we first need to deploy 8.7 to all devices and after it have been successfully deployed then import the 8.7 patch and deploy it  to all devices?





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