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    Vista Anitvirus 2010 help

      I have AT&T security suite power by McAfee and I kept getting attack by the Vista Anitvirus 2010.  I remove it and it kept returning.  I have call AT&T tech to no avail.  They are telling me to call Gateway....duh.  I have restored my computer 2 times and it's still happening.  Please help....

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          Hi illeana,


          I am sorry to say that vista antivirus 2010 is a spyware infection by itself & not a genuine program. However not worry , in order to remove this virus from your PC you can avail McAfee virus removal service which is a paid service or you can scan your PC using McAfee free scan tool by downloading it from this link mentioned below :






          Rakesh P

          McAfee TS

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            TOTAL VISTA SECURITY is on my computer as well and so far I have not found a way to remove it, having spent the lats 5 hours trying. I have McAfee on my computer and this is what I felt I had paid it to do, So why isnt it! This issue must now be affecting many people so I think it is about time that McAfee and Microsoft do something about it. Microscoft need to be made aware as it is posing as VISTA security. I will be following this up tomorrow and will find a solution, then I will ensure others know, I expect someone from McAfee to respond to this issue otherwise I will certainly make sure that it is clear that many people have been left unaided. I have read many postings on the web of those affected with no help being available. I am not impressesd with the lack of attention this has received and DO NOT expect to have to pay for more anitvirus software to get rid of it. I think it is very wrong for companies to take advantage of this situation by offering to help but then only telling you waht you already know with the sole atteniton of selling software. Lets come clean and get this sorted out. I am now running a full scan with McAfee plus its Stinger s/w as mentioned above plus another anitviru programme, so far none of them have picked it up. Chris DP



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              You are right. You have paid for a year of service and security. But Mcafee should be able to solve the issue.I think if you are under Mcafee protection, Mcafee should clean your PC free of charge and not charge you for cleaning your PC. In other words, Mcafee could hold up release of updates of detection signatures and then earn little extra for cleaning the infected PC.


              This attitute of Mcafee is Pay and Clean PC is not correct. Request for the reveiw of this service. This service is OK for a non Mcafee user.



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                Hi Sunvit, I'm pleased that someone is in agreement and is looking at this. I am now waiting for McAfee to respond. I ran a FULL scan using McAfee overnight with the result "NO ACTION REQUIRED" I also ran the stinger, using the link from above, which seems to have picked up 1491 viruses, trojans and variants but seems to do nothing to remove them. I also ran another virus program called Avast with the result "NO THREAT FOUND". Yet I STILL have the TOTAL VISTA SECURITY" problem, this is stopping me from working, which is costing me money and causing a great deal of other issues. Every time I try to do something the 'alert' messages come up and I am having trouble using the internet. I will post this message on Microsoft and anywhere else I feel necessary until WE all get a response and have things like this dealt with properly. As I mentioned I looked on google and it appears that many offers have SUFFERED and are suffering from the same issue, so WHY hasn't something been done about it ! !

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                  I rang McAfee today for help. I was informed that I would need to contact the technical team, which would cost £59.99, to have the virus removed. I expressed my exterme concern that I have paid for a 3 year licence for 4 computers and expect this to be part of the service, as I am sure most others would as well. Not only has the virus got through, which I appreciate can happen but McAfee does not even detect it now with a full scan. I have discovered that TOTAL VISTA SECURITY has been a known issue for a while, just look on google. Just consider the amount of money that would be spent if just 100,000 get affected....that is £6 MILLION. This cannot be right, I feel it is fair to expect McAfee to find a solution to this issue and to make sure we are all protected. I think that Microsoft should also be helping in this area as it is posing as a Microsoft product. No one seems ready and willing to help us. I will be writing to the Complaints Department, below, and I will follow this up in a number of ways until something has been done about it. If there are others that feel the same way please let me know so we can help each other to improve this.


                  Dear Sir,


                  Thank you for contacting McAfee Customer Service. I understand that you would like to raise your concern to our Complaints Department. On behalf of McAfee, I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. I have provided you the options to contact our Complaints Department. You may send your concern through our fax at 01296 318 773


                  Please be assured that we make every attempt to assist each customer in a timely manner. To ensure you have a pleasant experience in our Customer Service, you may send your concern through our Postal Address below:


                  McAfee Inc
                  227 Bath Road
                  SLI 5PP


                  With kind regards,

                  McAfee CS-Tier 1

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                    I purchased licensed McAfee  security software and currently a McFee registered user. Everytime I  scan my computer, the McAfee security centre always show me the message  my computer is always protected and no virus and no spyware found. But  now my computer was attacked by recent viurs originated from Russia, the  named- VISTA Smart Security 2010. I can not work anymore as the spyware  pop-up ad comes up every seconds and stupid and useless McAfee security  software still showing me no spyware found. I hereby request McAfee to  help me ASAP as I am your registered user and my registration is until  2012. Otherwise if you could not fully protect your software users you  are breaching the customer rights by selling useless McAfee software.

                    Please  advise me the solution ASAP to get rid of this Vista Smart Security  2010 virus. Otherwise, I hereby deserve a full refund for my wrong  choice of purchaisng McAfee security software which can not protect its  user computers.


                    If McFee asking me to pay more to solve this problem, it is a breach of consumer's right as I have already paid for 3 yrs registration cost me about A$100.


                    If McFee softaware failed to protect its users' computer from such virus/spyware, their advertising of fully protection is a just a fraud and fake which breaches the consumer right.

                    If McFee could not help its registered user free of charges, we should take legal actions.

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                      can someone from McAfee respond to us, this is just the first 2 pages entry on a google search, alhtough the actual names of the virus's listed by the other people in this chat vary slightly the core issue is the same. The listing shows this is nothing new so why dosnt McAfee stop it from getting through. I suggest someone from McAfee makes contact with us and with Microsoft pretty soon before we make this publicly known. I have a refernce number with McAfee for my call today, 478357744, my contact telephone number is on this and I expect a call to help the many affected users to be able to get their computers running. Mine is now useless and I am now using another laptop to write this message. I have lost a days work, maybe McAfee would like to reimburse me and the others that have been placed in a similar position. Its only a matter of time before this computer is affected! I will now try to make MIcrosoft aware of this issue and any other bodies that I feel need to know. The problem with most of the links below is that you still have to buy any software to actaully remove the virus, they just tell you what you already know, which is you've got a virus..great!!


                      I have found one whoich looks promising, I'm just trying to use it now, however, amazingly McAfee is blocking it as it thinks its a Trojan. Where were you McAfee when the real trojan/virus came along!!!!

                      1. Remove TotalVistaSecurity

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                        this is a link I found from one of the google entries listed above.

                        How do I get rid of Total Vista Security? - Yahoo! Answers

                        22 Mar 2010 ... "Vista Security Total" maybe? It is a virus in and of itself. ... Manual Total Vista Security Removal – In order to manually remove Total ...
                        answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid... - United States - Cached



                        I followed the link; http://www.net-studio.org/eng/patch/patch/239.html?task=view and downloaded the software but when I try to run it McAfee blocks it with saying; McAfee deleted and automatically removed a trojan called generic.dx!lax. If this is the case why is such a website allowed to function.


                        I have not been able to use my main computer all day and have now spent most of it trying to sort the problem out, I guess this is why many people will part with £59,99 but then why should we all do this when it should be a simple problem for McAfee to solve.

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                          Rakeesh, we need some input from McAfee.

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