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    How can I use sbadmcl to populate the challenge response questions for users from an input file ?

      Hi All,


      I've just discovered that a lot of our endpoint encryption users have not had any Challenge Questions set up by our deskside team when their accounts were created


      I now need to retrospectively fix all these users and correctly set the Label and Content for five challenge questions we have on the users General Tab. i.e.




      I have a list of users along with the questions and answers - and i'd like to automtically update all the users with the missing data using the sbadmcl scripting tool, rather than have to manually open each user and add the data on each user


      Can anyone advise as to whether or not I could do this using SBAdmcl ,and give an example of how to do it ?


      I've had a read through the ScriptingTool_SBAdmCLv5.pdf document but did not see any thing in there that would help.