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    Updating Viruscan files manually

      I installed McAfee Internet Security 2010 in my home computer few days ago.

      I have problems downloading the Viruscan update files.  At home I have only a dial-up connection and the transfer is very slow.  It seems that the procedure is interrupted because of that.  Last time it reached more than 60 Mb

      I would like to know if it is possible to:                           


      1.  Download the required files for Viruscan updating, I think it is the DAT file, from another computer at my office and then copy it to my home computer and execute the DAT file.

      If possible I would like to know where I may safely access that file.

      I know that for business customers there is a page in your web site where they can download the DAT files.  May I use the same DAT file?