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      This popped up and McAfee said it was repaired and removed. I did a full scan and it came up 0 threats. downloaded Trend Micro Housecall , did scan came up clean, Also scanned with Malwarebytes and Superantispyware  came up clean.Am I ok?  I ask this because in McAfee log viewe it says Detection Name:Generic PWS.y!cee  File: C:\hp\recovery\wizard\fscommand\ApprecoveryLink_ret.exe   Process:C:\Program Files\Superantispyware\\Superantispyware.exe     Process decription:Superantispyware  Application.       I also have the same result but substitute Malwarebytes for Superantispyware.     I turned off restore point application , restarted computer and did a full scan came up 0 threats. Am I all set or do I need to uninstall Superantispyware and Malwarebytes and reinstall?  I also scanned with Spybot and came up clean.I later did a scan with A squared and Spy.Win32.Agent came up I removed it. It was in that same wizard/recovery.



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