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    DLP 2.2 - how to block file types

      is there a way to block all .exe that are copied to a removable device and from launching them? basically if the executable exists you cant do anything with it except see its there on the usb device?



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          Yuo could use viruscan for this purpose using access protection rules, but in DLP is a different approach. You can monitor the usage of exe files using a protection rule. You can block the exe file using a removable storage protection rule, Check it out on protection rules.

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            hi, thanks for the response!


            i only have the option to add: reaction rules, plug n play device rules or a removable storage device rule...is this specific to ver. 2.2 or what im licensed for or have i not read your response properly!



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              I would suggest that you upgrade to v9.0 which allows you to use a new type of rule called "Removable Storage File Access Rule".

              Device file access rules block removable storage devices from running applications. Because some executables, such as encryption applications on encrypted devices, must be allowed to run, Whitelisted Application definitions can be included in the rule to exempt specifically named files from the blocking rule.