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    Unexpected error - unable to connect to server access - install now

      Good morning everyone!


      Currently I cannot get the DMsetup to install. From the website or downloading the file.

      It continues to give me the same message: In steps what I do:

      1. Run, Open, - Asks for User/password on DMsetup (If I enter it wrong, it says wrong, if I enter it correct, it gives an error.)

      2, Expected error, could not reach server access, then another page that says, I canceled it and to install it now.


      I am using a new PC  (only used for two hours to instlal for items. -

      HP Pavillion Notebook - Windows 7 - 64 bit - Explore 8


      I've used virtual assistance, which had the same result.


      Installed new versions of java, flash, shockwave, direct x, and all Microsoft updates available.


      I've used the safemode (delete %temp%), and run dmsetup - which had the same result.


      Disabled as many programs I could and had the same result.


      Is the server just down or does Mcafee hate my new laptop.


      Any advice would be greatly appriciated and hope you all have a great week!