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    SuperAgent troubles after ePO 4.5 upgrade

      The network have no AD, and all the servers have the file and sharing service disabled and NETBOIS is also disabled.


      ePO 4.0 Patch 3 was installed, pre upgrade and the two SuperAgents where replicating as they should. After the upgrade to ePO 4.5 patch 1 there where no replication going on at all. Somewhat wierd, what did I do to affect the SuperAgents? Nothing would be my first response.


      The error message I got was this:

      3/23/10  1:29:25 PMStarted: Performing incremental  replication to 2 repositories
      3/23/10 1:29:35 PMReplicate  to site ePOSA_NTEK13-D1 in progress (0%), no warnings
      3/23/10 1:29:35 PMReplicate  to site ePOSA_NTEK13-D2 in progress (0%), no warnings
      3/23/10 1:29:35 PMReplicate  to site 6E38FFE0-B7A1-4CAC-AC6D-A15355272F5D complete, 0 warnings, 1  errors
      3/23/10 1:29:35 PMReplicate  to site A3DB8972-8296-43AA-85BB-ADF32CCA201C complete, 0 warnings, 1  errors
      3/23/10 1:29:35 PMReplicate Now (Replication failed for 1  or more repositories)


      When clicking on one of them I got:

      ERROR Failed to connect, error 11001 ( No such host is known.  )


      The wierd thing is the last two entries on the first error message, where did they come from?! I don't know. The strings like this one "A3DB8972-8296-43AA-85BB-ADF32CCA201C" was never the same when looking into other error messages of the same type.


      Looking in the EpoApSvr.log relvealed the same error message.


      Ping to the the host works on Ip and FQDN and not NETBIOS. TElnet to port 8081 was ok as well. As it where before the upgrade. Nothing has changed there.


      How to solve this? Added the two hostnames in the host file and then it started working again. Is this perhaps a bug in ePO 4.5 in that it won't fall back to FQDN or IP if NETBIOS lookup fails? Anyone else stumbled accross this kind of problem?


      Any MFE tech reading this, let me know if I should log a case to get MFE aware of the percived "bug". If it in fact is a bug. Which I don't know either.


      Not much that I know when it all comes down to things, but I sure learned something, and that's always something