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      I moved a server to SuperAgent in System Tree.


      Now, I want to put this server as a repository server.


      Other repositories that I have, go to do updates (replication) in our centralize server (Master Repository).


      The Central Server has XPTO name, and the server has SRV-XPTO.


      Others repositories that we have, has ePO_SRV-XPTO name.


      I have this dificult because the others repositories were not configured by me, and the person that configured, longer is here.


      How can I to do this configurations?


      Can you help me, please?




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          Do you mean you want to configure the new server as a superagent repository?


          Base on your information, I think you already had a agent policy and replication schedule for the superagent group. Thus you only need to move the server the the superagent system tree. then it will automatically become a superagent repository.


          If you are not sure about the configuration is correct or not.

          - Check is mcafee agent installed on the server?

          - check agent policy for the superagent system tree,  on the "General" tab, is the option "Convert agents to SuperAgents" selected? and is the "Use systems running SuperAgents as distributed repositories" selected?

          - Is the policy assigned to the superagent system tree?

          - Is there any scheduled replication taks?


          For details on creating superagent repository, you can refer to the epo product guide on "Creating SuperAgent repositories".