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    Virun is USB.

      Hi there. I use SC9, and yesterday when i plugged in my usb i scanned it to see if there was any virus.

      2 virus files were present, and McAfee quarantined it.


      I completely formatted my usb and scanned it again and there were none.


      But what i want to know is that when i ran McAfee and clikced advanced options, and the detected history, i could see that i can actually

      restore or delete 2 quarantined virus files. Then, does this mean that i can revive the files and does this mean that the

      virus files in my usb transferred to my pc? How come i can delete the quarantined file in my usb when i formatted it stick :O.


      I Ultimately deleled the files but just wondering .


      Please answer!

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          Peter M

          Yes you could have restored the files to the state they were prior to the cleaning - which is useful when VirusScan removes something it shouldn't.  But they weren't threatening your computer at any time because they are encrypted when they are in the quarantine folder on your computer.