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    Problem with some policies after upgrade to ePO 4.5 P1



      I have upgraded a ePO 4.0 P6 to ePO 4.5 P1 (I first upgraded to ePO 4.5P1 and then I upgraded IE6 to IE8) and now I have the following problem:

      I cannot edit og even see some of the policies for "VirusScan Enterprise 8.5.0". It is these 3 policies I cannot edit: "On-Access High-Risk Processes Policies", "On-Access Low-Risk Processes Policies" and "On-Access Default Processes Policies". When I click edit on either I just get a grey page with nothing, except for Low-Risk and Default where I get 3 bottuns "Share", "Duplicate" and "Save" (Save is greyed out).


      The 3 policies are working for "VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.0" but just grey for 8.5.0 And since we are still running 8.5.0 it is kinda important for me.


      Any ideas?



      Btw. does anybody know a good guide on how to use the evaluation branch to test VS 8.7.0? The McAfee pdf guides focus on new dats and engines and so on, not on another VS. Or isnt it recommended to try the evaluation for VS 8.7.0?



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