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    3-User Total Protection has Different Versions on Different Computers; Why?

      I purchased the 3-user McAfee Total Protection 2010 on CD and installed it on three older Dell desktop computers, all running Win XP. All had earlier versions (near the expiration date) prior to installation of 2010, and the installation process seemed to make two passes, first to uninstall the existing installation and then install 2010.  All installations were made roughly the same time - there is no reason to wait since the initial installation sets the expiration date for the other two users.  All installations seem to work ok with updates occurring frequently, but from time to time I get notices that my subscription is about to expire. I check the remaining available time, notice it is in 2011, and ignore the notice.


      Initially, all three system trays contained a McAfee icon in the System Tray that was a box with rounded corners containing a red M.

      I returned from a trip and my daughter told me that the icon changed in her computer (which I'll call the GX620). It now is a white M in a shield with a red background.  Clicking this icon brings up different screens, which appear to be an updated version of the screens on the other two computers.


      All computers indicate I have total protection 2010, but why is the GX620 different?  All were just updated.


      Thanks, Jim