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    implementing changes at the group level

      I came into this project way after they had setup the server. They are running a mixed environment of 5.13, 5.1.9, and 5.2.3


      We do need to make changes such as changing the sync time (they have it set for 60 min), remove "exclude sector 59 for NEC compatibility, and a couple of other changes.


      We are close to 10,000 devices across a few groups with an estimated deployment of 15K devices.


      They are hesitant to make any changes because they do not want to bring all the machines to 5.2.3 in case, for whatever reason, devices that are out there that work, start to tank. Their mentality is "if it's not broke, don't fix it." Also, any changes that were applied individually to machines as fixes would be wiped out.


      I have suggested they create another group and place the devices with issues in that group and manage it like that. Of course, there is pretty much no way of knowing what old machines were problematic aside from digging through thousands of closed cases in the ticketing system.


      Any thoughts?

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          That sucks for you. We have a few 5.13 clients left, but I know they're broken, otherwise they'd be at 5.17. I use controlled groups for everything, except the default build group. If I need to work on an individual machine, I can move it to that (small) group, and change whatever I need to in order to get it working again. Once fixed, it gets put back into a controlled group.


          We're about to upgrade the whole fleet to 5.22, and it'll be done by controlled groups. (~24,000 machines, so I couldn't possibly use individual machines)

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            Yea I figured I was out of luck. I got here a little late in the game to actually make any decisions and all my suggestions to have a standard coe get laughed at because it would work and makes sense. Just not going to fly in an environment of this size. I was hoping I'd be able to make the changes via the API but I'm sure that's not going to work either. Oh well...

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              Question? Can I create a new controlled group with my regular settings and client files for each....5.1.3, 5.17, 5.19, etc. and then apply my changes that I need to make without reset the group to the config? Would the clients get the changes on next sync?