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    SCM 3300 dead




      I have 2 SCM 3300 boxes running flawlessly for the past 3 years. The other days one of the boxes died.

      Not being able to ask McAfee for support because the contract is too expensive for us, I tried fixing it myself.

      It turned out to be the RAID controller of the Dell machine and that ugly thing is integrated on the board.

      I have tried everything to save it without sucess. One thing left is that a BIOS flush might fix some hardware issues, as mentionned on Dell website.


      Any suggestions?


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          You can try flushing the bios.  However, that is not guaranteeing that you will fix all the problems.  One last thing to do is change the board.

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            You have another option and that is contact your sales person.


            Since those boxes are three years old, sales might have a sweet upgrade deal they can give you.


            Never know unless you ask them.


            No I am not in sales