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    McAfee Home Screen Layout

      This is a minor issue but I purchased and installed the "3-User McAfee Total Protection" and have it on two PCs. My issue is the home page and navigation when you open the product on one PC is completely different from the other PC. (one opens into McAfee Total Protection and the other opens into McAfee Security Center). The product installs (options chosen) should be the same so I am not sure why they are differnet. As far as I can tell they are both working correctly, it is a bit confusing when navigating the menues. Any ideas?

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          Hello walkermichigan,

          The one that says Mcafee total protection is the latest upgrade , which is installed in your computer .
          The reason for one computer getting the latest version and the other not should be glitch in the update.
          However , if you uninstall and reinstall mcafee security center , you should be getting the latest version in the other computer even.


          Dinesh K

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            Greetings Dinz,

            Thank you for your response. Following your suggestion, a quick uninstall and reinstall did bring both PCs to the same home screen.


            Thanks again!