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    VSE Deployment Task not working


      I have the following VSE deployment task for all of my clients.  It used to run at every policy enforcement but I changed it to only run once in order to reduce network traffic and client side processor cycles...


      Name: Deploy VirusScan v8.7
      Type: Product Deployment
      Tags: Send this task to all computers


      Target platforms: Windows
      Products and components: VirusScan Enterprise / Action: Install / Language: Language Neutral / Branch: Current
      Options: [  ]  Run at every policy enforcement (Windows only)


      Scheduled status: Enabled
      Schedule type: Once
      Options: [X]  Run missed task 0 minute delay
      Start date: 08/14/2009
      Task runs according to: Local time on managed systems
      Schedule: Once at 12:00 PM


      The problem is that the Agent Log shows the task as running but it's not deploying VSE...

      2010-03-21  19:35:53  I  #2040  Sched  Deploy VirusScan v8.7 - Last run time(local) is Tue Mar 09 08:31:31 2010


      Either the task is not running, even though the log says that it did, or it did run and it failed to actually install VSE.  The task worked fine before I disabled "Run at every policy enforcement".  I have created a temporary group with a similar task, but with "Run at every policy enforcement" checked, and if I move a computer to that group & wakeup the agent, it immediately deploys.  Has anyone else seen this behavior and have a fix?  The clients in question have v4.5 of the Agent and they are communicating with the ePO but VSE is no longer deploying on them.  Thanks!

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          Forgive the silly question - but the task is a "Once" type task. Is this what you really intended? It will only run once, even if it runs and fails.

          Certainly a more common setting for deployment tasks, assuming the end goal is to ensure that a product is installed and stays installed on the clients, would be a daily task, possibly repeating every few hours...


          HTH -



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            I guess it depends upon your definition of "once".  Is "once" client side (as I'm interpreting) or is "once" server side--where the ePO deploys it to all machines currently registered and then never again for newly added machines?

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              The schedule is client side - the server will always send the task to any machines that have it assigned: the agent on the client then runs it according to the schedule settings. So if you assigned a Once task to the entire tree, every machine would get the task and run it once. If you added a new machine to the tree, it would also receive the task and run it once.


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