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    trojan detected

      I had a trojan pop up on McAfee today PWS.y!cee. It only popped up when I ran Superantispyware and Malwarebytes. Is this legitimate?

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          Was the trojan Quarantined or removed ?  And is it associated with any of your system files ?

          Also let us know the version of your virus scan & DAT





          Dinesh K

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            removed  version 13.15  file hp recovery wizard  It seems it is associated with Malwarebytes  and Superantispyware It popped up from Mcafee when I was scanning with both of these applications



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              I thought maybe the trojan was attached to Malwarebytes an Superantispyware somehow. After McAfee removed it I scaned with both and with McAfee nothing found. I also dowloaded Trend Micro housecall nothing found I think I'm OK