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    8.7 Workstation hotfix 2 question

      Recently, we recently installed on Windows XP systems.  These systems are showing as not having hotfix 2 where as the Servers with show they have it.  Is there a hotfix 2 for the workstation version?


      Also, the client is showing the mcafee console on the workstations even though it it not selected in the policy.  Is there a way to ensure the console is not shown?

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          I am going to assume that you are working from the ePO management console, because you describe your systems as having .wrk or .srv names which is only visible via ePO.

          The details on what hotfix (or patch) is installed gets reported back as part of the product's property collection, which occurs each ASCI or when you tell it to via the Agent WakeUp.


          First step is, make sure you have done an Agent Wakeup and specified to collect Full Properties.

          This will ensure you are viewing accurate/current information.


          If the "2" is not reporting back from these clients, it is because there is a problem with those clients and it should be investigated.


          VirusScan Enterprise will only report that a patch is installed after successfully validating the presence of said patch. if that validation fails, it will report No patch is installed.

          This can also be tested by inspecting the VirusScan Enterprise "About" window. If you see the patch value, then the patch is installed OK.

          The validation entails checking certain files for certain identifiers. If any of those files are missing or failed to be replaced, then it will not report the patch is present.