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    How to use McAfee "Virtual Technician"

      I used the "Virtual Technician" and it found MANY problems - but gave me no hint as to how to solve the problems.

      Any ideas. Log files attached.

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          Peter M

          You are using an older product, or so it would appear as both Easy Network and Data Backup & Restore are discontinued or you have old components mixed in with newer ones, hard to tell.


          Enable Windows Firewall temporarily for protection.


          Uninstall everything in the normal manner (Control Panel) then reboot.


          Run the Removal Tool (MCPR) linked in Useful Links at the top of this page.




          Go to your McAfee account page and download the latest product from there.


          If you used Data Backup & Restore extensively then it is possible to retrieve you backups.


          See this: http://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-1131


          There are many free Data Backup softwares out there - just do a Google Search or Windows itself has one in certain versions of the operating systems.


          Any problems with the above I suggest you contact Technical Support Chat also linked via the Useful Links above.



          Note: if you are in the habit of using registry cleaners and optimizers, stop now.  Those cause this kind of corruption.







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