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    How Add Unwanted Programs ?

      Dear All,


      May you provide me the steps how to add unwanted programs via to McAfee Antivirus Server ePO 4.5


      Thank you.

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          - Logon to the ePO

          - Go to the Policy Catalog

          - Choose "VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.0" for the Product. (or the VSE version you need to configure)

          - Choose "Unwanted Programs Policies" for the catergory.

          - Click the "Edit Settings" of the policy

          - Choose the settings for "Workstation" / "Server"

          - on the "User-Defined Items" tab, enter the file name and description.

          - Save you settings


          Then wait for the agent to renew the policy or you wake it up on the ePO server.

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            thank you kelvin for your support,




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