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    Create Boot-able VSE 8.7i Rescue CD?


      We're using ePO 4.5/VSE 8.7i P2 (soon to be P3). I'd like to create a boot-able CD that will allow a support tech to boot an infected computer into a live-CD type environment, then pull down DAT updates & scan a computer. Many times we end up re-imaging computers that most likely could be salvaged by scanning for & removing malware from a non-Windows environment.


      I don't want to drop names, but I know at least one competitor (name rhymes with, uh, nothing in English) that provides this in the form of an .iso file you download from a known good computer running their product.


      BTW, yes, I've been searching the McAfee forums, KB respositories, etc.

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          I has a self-written plug-in for UBCD4WIN, running On-Demand Scan interface of VirusScan 8.5i and able to receive updates from internet.

          If it’s actual for you, I can upload it to some file sharing host.



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            Yeah something like this needs to be *officially* released and supported by McAfee. None of this half-baked nonsense of releasing a Rescue-CD, and then deciding a couple of years later they didn't want to support it, or the other "not always suitable" idea of running a scan initiated by EPO during the boot-up phase. (also discontinued I believe).


            There are plenty of options available to do what you're thinking of, but none that are supported by McAfee.There is also one floating around this forum - http://community.mcafee.com/thread/6923 , and also you could consider looking into Bart PE as many others have done the same thing with that.



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