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    encountering problems

      When I logon for the first time each morning and open my browser for the first time, it opens a new tab and goes to a site I did not request.  The status bar says www . eldorox . com, but that isn't where it winds up, it seems to go to a search page or a commerce site, I can't predict which.  I suspect spyware, in fact, McAfee found a trojan and quarantined it yesterday (I ran  a full scan and left the house for 4 hours), but the same behaviour occurred today, so I'm not sure if it was really caught.  To make matters worse, my scheduled scan doesn't seem to be running at it's scheduled time, and if I run it while I'm logged on and doing other work, my computer crashes.

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          I would encourage you to try and run a full scan using your McAfee product regularly on the machine and confirm whether detection occur and are cleaned / deleted.


          Please also download and use the McAfee Stinger Tool on the machine and follow the instructions on the site HERE


          Once you have set the settings and the scan is complete, click on "File" (top left) and select "Save report file"


          Please upload the log file results here.



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            I ran the stinger program with default settings after turning off my system restore as the instructionssaid to do.  There were no problems reported.  Here is the log file:


            McAfee® Stinger Version built on Nov 24 2009

            Copyright © 2009 McAfee, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

            Virus data file v5000 created on Nov 23 2009.

            Ready to scan for 1370 viruses, trojans and variants.


            Scan initiated on Tue Mar 23 06:02:50 2010

              Number of clean files: 371224



            So here are some additional questions:

            Should I have changed default settings?

            Is it possible that my problem is caused by a newer virus than Nov 23 2009?

            Should I turn off System Restore for a full scan with the most recent virus definition file?  I did see in the last security report that there were problems the scanner could not fix, and I saw in your document that that is caused by System Restore locking some files.

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              Problem reoccured today at 5:09 AM.  Did a quick scan which discovered no problems.  Went into "history and logs" and saw under "Threats Detected" link that there was an advertising cookie under category "Potentially Unwanted Programs" which could not be removed.  I deleted all cookies and restarted, but I had done that yesterday too, so something is embedded there and the quick scan cannot see it, and the full scan does not seem to be able to remove it, and stinger did not detect it either.

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                I was reading some other posts in this forum.  The threat that caused my unwanted browser windows to open apparently got worse, to the point I could not use any search engine because they all returned a blank "Google" page.  Another post said to use "Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware" so I downloaded it and ran a full scan with it.  It found 6 infections and removed them.  The computer seems to work fine now.

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                  As the original poster problem has been solved, this thread is now locked/closed.