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    Re: Virus Protection turns off

      I have encounterd the same issue.  Every once and a while, the task manager will pop up a balloon saying that my Anti-Virus is disabled.  It goes away after about 15 seconds, but it pops up several times throughout the day.  I'm not sure the exact interval, but it is more of an annoyance than anything.  What can I check as possible causes of this?

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          Hello Mr_Security,

          Could you please confirm whether did you have any Mcafee enterprise versions installed in the computer  ?
          Also let us know what is the computer’s operating system and service pack ?


          Dinesh K

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            Yeah, sorry.  It is Windows XP SP3, and it is VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i ( + AntiSpyware Module.  Scan enginer (32-bit) version is 5400.1158.  DAT is 5923.  Also, it is being managed through the McAfee ePO server if that makes a difference.

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              Thanks for the quick response Mr_security,  you have posted in the consumer products area, I shall move your thread to enterprise section where are experts would be assisting you soon.’


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                Try this:


                When the message pops up, right-click on the McAfee icon (not the Windows security icon) and click McAfee Agent Status Monitor.  See if the log entries (top is most recent) show a DAT update in progress.  Note that depending on the ePO policy settings, you may not see "McAfee Agent Status Monitor" when you right-click the McAfee icon.  In that case, see if your administrator can look at the agent logs and tell you what is happening at the time you see the pop-up.



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                  Have you installed the Patch 3 yet ?

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                    Yes, we have installed Patch 3.  I saw in the documentation that Patch 3 was suppose to fix this issue, but it seems to still crop up every now and then.  The problem is that it is random, and I have had other users complain recently that it was doing the same thing to them.  I'm going to have them try and watch their agent monitor log the next time it happens to see if it is something caused by the ePO, but it doesn't have any deployment task scheduled.