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    Help, booting from Emergency Disk BSOD


      I asked my IT department to decrypt hdd which was encrypted using my safeboot 4.2 as I need to swap out the HDD.


      They informed me that as the support team were off in Germany that they could do it using a 'manual' method.


      Now it would appear that they have created an emergency boot disk that I am required to insert when the machine tries to boot.


      It does this ok and reads the files but when Win XP starts it just gives me a BSOD and reboots.


      I need to get the data off this disk if possible.


      I have the emergency boot disk and the *.sdb config file.


      I imagine I could get the access code as well.


      Help please



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          what's the BSOD message? That's kind of important...

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            Hi thanks for the prompt response.


            It disappears too quickly for me to read it!


            I am not too worried about being able to boot to the disk anymore, I just want to be able to read it to copy the data off.


            However if I use the emergency boot disk method it goes through that and I only have options to boot into windows, safe, with networking, command prompt, last know and normal. All of which BSOD.


            I need a way to 'authenticate' and read the disk whilst booting to ERD or BartPE to copy the data off.


            Does that make sense?



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              yes, makes sense - your version of the product (4.2) is unfortunately too old (over 5 years), it does not support that option. Your IT team will have to decrypt your drive, then you'll be able to use ERD etc to fix whatever problem windows has.


              Now that you've used an e-boot disk, you've trashed the local pre-boot information, so the IT team will have to do a manual decryption. It's not difficult but they do need to get it EXACTLY right, otherwise you'll loose the data. The only time to do an emergency boot is if the pre-boot area is broken. As in your case it seems Windows is broken and the pre-boot was probably ok, then it was not the right thing to do. The problem is now worse, as before, we could have just told the system to decrypt based on the (good) information on the drive. Now we have to trust that the SDB file is up to date.


              So, go back to your IT department and tell them to decrypt your disk. It's pretty simple and they should have been through the training when they first bought the product.

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                Thanks for that.

                BTW, Windows was booting prior to creation of the e-boot disk so don't know why they went down that route.


                Our local IT department do not really have any clue about safeboot as it is all handled from Germany.


                I have the e-boot disk (which is the original safetech disk and the additional files as I am sure you are aware) and the .sdb file for my machine which was used yesterday so presume that is up to date as the machine has not booted and connected to the network since.


                I can get another access code.

                Please can you tell me the steps I need to follow to decrypt the disk?





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                  It's not as simple as that. Firstly, how do I know you have permission from your company to decrypt your machine? :-)


                  Seriously, you need to work with your helpdesk on this issue - they have the authority to decrpyt your box and they should have been through training etc on how to do it. If they are unsure, they should have a support agreement with someone (like McAfee) who can talk them through it. They need to do a manual decryption now, which requires them to work out the sector ranges of the partitions they need to decrpyt, then get you a SafeTech bootable disk of some sort (USB, Floppy, CD etc). It's not complex, but it needs to be done right.


                  If they are still using v4.2 they should still have the skills to deal with this kind of problem.

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                    Point taken.


                    The local support are happier for me to do it as they really do not have a clue!

                    If they had then they would not have done what they already have! They would have decrypted it properly in the first place! LOL


                    My only other option is to send the disk to Germany and that will take ages!


                    I am not in the office today which is why I would like to get something sorted if I can.

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                      Ok I am stuck in the same position.

                      My local IT department have no clue, I work for a large company and the main IT support is in Germany. They do not seem that willing or bothered to help and I cannot afford to lose the data on my HDD. Yes I know, my bad it should have been backed up by I was assured the process was routine!


                      Since my original request was to decrypt the HDD so I could clone to a different disk I am still bemused that they toasted the MBR as if I was having Safeboot pre-boot issues.


                      Anyway I am where I am. Stuck with a disk that will only start using an e-boot disk but will then not go past the Windows startup menu without hitting a BSOD.


                      Can I restore the original MBR? At least I could get back to the Safeboot Preboot, hopefully authenticate, then boot to a normal floppy to read my disk.....


                      Please help!!!!

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                        not really, as they trounced the pre-boot environment. There's a restore SBR option in SafeTech though that won't make things any worse. Your helpdesk could easily decrypt the drive though if they wanted to - maybe they should buy some prof services?


                        If you PM me with your company details, maybe I can find out who your rep is.

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                          Ok I have been very patient with our support people in Germany but am at my wits end.


                          I left the HDD with them for a week and it has just been returned to me with a note to say that they are not able to help.

                          It has turned into a political debate between UK and DE support which I am just not interested in.


                          I just want to get some data from my encrypted HDD.


                          To recap


                          Safeboot 4.2

                          I had a perfect working Safeboot encrypted HDD and Windows XP worked fine.

                          The remit to IT suport was to decrypt in order for me to clone the HDD to a new HDD.


                          My desktop support team trounced the Safeboot Pre-Boot environment and created at E-boot disk. ??? They followed a set of instructions sent by their colleagues in DE.

                          I have the *.sdb file that they were sent.

                          The E-boot disk works but Windows will not boot on the disk and will not start in any of the options (safe, last know config, command prompt)

                          All options just get BSOD and the machine reboots. The BSOD is not there long enough for me to see what the error is.


                          I am stuck at the Black Screen - "Windows failed to load correctly"


                          I took the HDD with me last week to Germany and gave it to thwe support team there. They have returned it as I said above. No joy.


                          I am more than happy to pay for Prof Services, I just need pointing in the right direction.



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