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    v8.7i blocking everything? How do I let some sites through?

      Ever since I put McAfee on my system after Norton, a lot of things have been happening. Everything worked fine when I had Norton and I heard McAfee was better but all it has done is made my computer slow and blocked me from doing anything I need. I'm a college student, so i have to download .exe files for school and it won't allow me. I don't care that it's doing its job, it can continue to.  But I really want these files and some sites to be let through. How do I do that? Here are my problems:


      I can't download any .exe files or play/download games from iwin.com for Big Fish Games. When I save the .exe file and scan it, they find nothing wrong with it, but yet I keep getting this:

      file creation.jpg


      Windows Defender won't scan, update, or connect to internet, even though internet is connected.

      windows defender problem.jpg


      Windows live can't connect to internet, even though my internet is on.

      windows live problem.jpg