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    Need Help regarding "active Shield" error being displayed

      not sure if this is the correct area for this question as I am a first time user. My problem is this i have a Dell Deminsion 2400 desktop running Xp Home edition.

      which I purchased from Dell. I've had this system for about seven years. I had to recently replace the hard drive and after re-installing Xp Home edition, I took the cd that originally came with the desktop to re-install the virus software. During the process, I had a screen prompt me for if I already had an account to log into my account.

      I did and proceded to download the software. Now when I start up the pc, i et the following error "some components are missing  or might have not been installed correctly..Please re-install active shield'


      Question how do i re-install the active shield??  there is no other virus software on the pc as the hard drive is brand new..