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    Computer Unresponsive After Fresh Installation of Total Protection 2010

      Yesterday after a fresh installation of total protection 2010 (minus the backup service) on my windows 7 32 bit operating system my computer immediately froze up and became totally unresponsive. The mouse would not move and the keyboard would not work. As I was unable to use control alt delete to restart the computer I had to turn it off via the power button. I rebooted in safe mode and everything worked fine and the system was responsive. However when starting up again normally (ie not in safe mode) the system would completely freeze up again and the mouse and keyboard were both unresponsive. I repeated this process several times before booting into 'safe mode with networking' so I could have interenet access and make sure all my drivers were updated and compatible and to also be sure all windows updates were installed, etc. I also searched the mcafee support center to see if there were any solutions or workarounds suggested, etc but found nothing to help.


      I have since uninstalled total protection from my computer and am basically unprotected except for the windows firewall (which i turned on after uninstalling McAfee)... I am frustrated and in spite of having a full subscription to McAfee Total Protection am considering purchasing protection software from another company since  I do not like my computer being without virus protection ,etc.. However, before doing so I thought it best to seek help here in the McAfee forums to see if anyone here has experienced a similar problem and/or knows of a solution.  If you know of a way to resolve this issue I would be very grateful. Please let me know.





      PS Forgive me if I broke forum rules or posted incorrectly, etc... this is my first time posting on any forum and so i am not sure if i did it right or not.