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    HP say's McAfee not protecting my computer

      I have a HP notebook and desktop  they have a program call HP Adviser which pull down program PC Dashboard , it say's that the virus protection is not protected (yellow) 

      I have McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2010

      Windows 7


      Both of these machine say this what would cause this

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          Hi Vernon,

          Let me know what is the message you receive in security center ? Is it Am I protected YES or Your computer is secure ?
          Also let me know whether what is the computer’s operating system ?
          Do you have any other security software installed in the computer ?

          Dinesh K

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            Hello Dinz


            I am new in this community and I have the same problem. I bought and HP Pavillion dm4t in Hp online store, then I can customized it. My choice was to buy it with no Antivirus because I have a valid McAfee Total Protection licence. Later, when I received the notebook I installed mcafee software on it, but the HP facility PCdashboard show me the next message "Virus Protection: We did not find Antivirus installed on your system". In the next line The windows shows a link, if you go to it "Surprise, it is Norton Webpage".I chatted with McAfee support on line and they checked that my computer has installed OK McAfee Antivirus and it is working without problems. I also checked the "Action Center" of windows and in the Security area it also show me Mcaffe is installed and working OK. There are only one software in my computer which does not detect McAfee Antivirus, it is HP Dashboard software. Later I have chatted with HP Support and they do not have any answer for this situation, the solution is just install Norton instead of McAfee. For me that is a joke.