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    Testing HIPS




      Have been looking into testing HIPS, but understand this may not be as simple as it sounds.  I've read a few discussions on here in which users checked in HIPS into ePO and then set a task for 1 pc to get HIPS, but the following morning it had been rooled out to over 1000 workstations, does anyone know a fool proof method for testing HIPS,  we don't even seem to be able to install hips from it's executable to one PC without ePO in the equation.


      Thanks in advance.

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          For initial testing we just download the installer from the McAfee site and manually install HIPS on a few machines. That is probably the safest way. Although I am hopeful that with the release of McAfee Agent 4.5.1 that we will be able to "push out" patches from the Evaluation branch in EPO. This would allow for a more controlled testing roll out.

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            Make sure you have Global Updating disabled first.  Refer to the ePO product guide to understand the configuration.




            If global updating is enabled, distributed repositories update managed systems automatically,

            as soon as selected updates and packages are checked in to the master repository. Update

            tasks are not necessary. However, you do need to be running SuperAgents in your environment

            if you want automatic updating. You must still create and configure repositories and the update






            If distributed repositories are set up to replicate only selected packages, your newly

            checked-in package is replicated by default. To avoid replicating a newly checked-in package,

            deselect it from each distributed repository or disable the replication task before checking in

            the package. For additional information, see Avoiding replication of selected packages and

            Disabling replication of selected packages.