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    Suspected Trojan in shared folder.



      Recently I have found couple of suspected trojans on my shared folders, and everytime I run the McAfee VSE 8.7 it does not detect the trojans, so I use other removal tools to remove these trojans.


      I'm managing 2000 + clients of McAfee with ePO 4.0.


      Is there any solutions to this matter, and how can I stop this trojans from coming in onto my network?


      I have attached the sample of the trojan, is called the xpoxlk.exe and it's face is green with a black pacth on it's eye.

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          Attila Polinger



          please upload the sample for analysis to www.virustotal.com, where a lot of vendor's engines will analyze it.


          /What causes you to believe that it is a trojan? Others informed you, some third party scan informed you or other?/


          Others may recommend setting Artemis to high or very high within the on-demand scan that you start on this folder from within Virusscan Console. I recommend doing a third party check as described above, in addition.



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            HI Attila,


            Thanks for your response, all i saw was a green lookalike cartoon face with pacthed eye and I thought it must be a virus and i also googled it's name and found out that it is indeed a trojan that gets on the shared folder thorugh the network. I will change the Artemis to high and see if McAfee picks it up.