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    Where are the tools

      Hi there,


      I'm a subscriber to your Mc Afee Plus, which they upgrade a few months back. Previously there ia a tool for registry clean up, shredder and a couple of tools. Now they are missing. Where are they???


      Can't I just communicate with somebody in McAfee who has an email for this simple question. I don't need to join a community and waste my time registering and looking at the forums.


      I purchased a product and I expect it to work seamlessly. There is no need for me a forum to waste my time.


      If this is the case, pls consider this as my last subscription.




      Norazmi Talib

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          Peter M

          Moved to SecurityCenter 10 as I think that's what is the problem here.   I have noticed on my machine the same thing when the old software upgraded to the 2010 version.  Right-click the taskbar icon and select Updates.  Close and reopen the SecurityCenter a few times, maybe after a reboot and the PC Optimization drawer will appear in the interface.   Clicking that will expand it and you'll see Quickclean is available, if not already installed.  That way you will be linked to its download.

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            You now have to check a box to download the software you refer to - there is no charge.

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              The question is, why did they change the interface?


              From what little information I have found it seems that McAfee is now doing versionless upgrades to their products.This means "no matter what version" you bought you get the latest one - that's the good news. The bad news seems to be that no matter that you liked what you had, or that you bought because of features listed on the box - you get what they want you to get.


              Wish they had given us advanced warning on this.


              I was flooded with calls from friends and clients wanting to know if their software had been compromised by a virus due to the change in appearance. I asked them to check the version number, of course there was none. Much re-installing and the like, some hair pulling - then my computers started switching over - now I think I have the answer but I must say I am more ****** than happy about this versionless solution - WTH



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                In a related McAfee Total Protection 2010 issue:


                Apparently the McAfee Backup applet was not compatible with Windows 7. McAfee has unilaterally deleted/disabled this feature as part of the update. If you don't run Window 7 you will need to dowload a patch from McAfee to read your existing backup.


                Thanks again guys and gals, great customer service in action,

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                  Peter M

                  Thanks David.  Yes Data Backup & Restore is not compatible with Windows 7 and has been replaced by Online Backup.  See THIS document regarding that and for the link to the tool required to retrieve current backups.


                  Windows 7 has its own Data Backup software in any case.





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                    Dear David,


                    It does not work.


                    I have downloaded and reinstalled the software but same thing happens.


                    Enclosed are my screenshots of my Mc Afee Security Window.


                    A reply from their Technical Support from Australia is not helping either. They told me that there is a PC Optimization Feature in the list. I see none. (Their website is reachable without going thru this forum).


                    Why must they change a perfectly good running software with problematic interface?


                    Anymore ideas?


                    I think I should migrate to other software. Is kapersky any better? Norton is out as it slows down my computer.





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                      Thanks Ex-Brit,


                      I am using the old Windows XP. Its quite stable and does not give me any problem. Vista is problematic. Haven't tried Windows 7 yet. I don't see the need.


                      Actually I needed the registry cleaner that was included in the previous version. Its quite good. Now I don't have it.





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                        Peter M

                        Please ask Technical Support Chat to assist you as it is available and is free.

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                          On the new interface go to PC Optimization - you will likely have to use the scroll bar to see it. I don't recall quite what it looked like before I download Quick Cleaner but it should offer you the choice to do it there.


                          Once you download it clicking on PC Optimization, then Quick Clean will get you there; however, there is on final trick. Up in the right hand corner there are/is a symbol, it looks like three of these on above the other . ___ 


                          This is apparently the symbol for the settings are here. You will find the same choices you used to have including registry cleaner.


                          You will notice Shredder has a similar symbol.


                          Hope that helps



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