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    McAfee won't let me download ANYTHING!

      When I had the Norton trial on my emachine D525, my comp worked fine.  I was able to play and download games from Iwin.com and Big Fish Games.  I was able to download .exe files from download.com, etc.


      But ever since I got McAfee VirusScan v8.7i from my university IT store (FIU), McAfee won't let me do anything.  I need this Audio Editor software for school but I keep getting errors when downloading and when I try to use Iwin, it blocks it.  How can I allow sites and .exe through McAfee?  Ever since I put McAfee on my computer, it's limited everything I do!


      I'm really going to switch back to Norton.  It allowed me to do whatever I needed and didn't block my downloads or creating programs/files.  Plus it's disabled my windows defender.  It's just not user friendly.



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